winter is coming is your roof ready

Winter is coming, is your Roof Ready?

Do you need  a Roof Inspection this Fall?

As we head into September here in Ohio we need to remember like the popular TV show phrase – “Winter is Coming”. And like we prepare other parts of our lives and homes for the cold and snow, now is the time to prepare your roof as well.

A good place to get started is to do a quick check around your home.

1. Walk around your home and look for Broken or Loose Shingles and Cracked Flashing

2. Check the inside of your home for wet spots that may indicate a leaky roof.
3. Look up in your attic and check your air vents and your interior attic space .

4. Gutter and Downspouts are they clear of debris and grit. If you see a lot of grit in your gutters it could be time to look into new shingles.

5. Check to see when was the last time you had your roof inspected.

If it has been more than a few years or you have had extreme weather in your area. It may be time to have your roof professionally inspected.

At Magnus Construction, we will perform a visual gutter check to ensure each gutter and downspouts are functioning properly. All parts of the gutter system on your home should be free of any debris, branches, and leaves, to ensure an easy flow of rainwater through the downspouts, and away from the foundation. Heavy winds and aging homes can often make proper functioning gutters twist, warp or detach from the roofline. Repairing the damage gutter quickly can limit any chance of any serious damage occurring to your home. Also, gutters that are not functioning properly can easily cause significant damage to your home’s foundation.

We will evaluate the condition of the roof, and look any missing, damaged or worn materials. The inspection also includes checks of nonfunctioning flashing around your chimneys and ventilation systems.

To get your roof inspected and receive an estimate on any repairs you need before Winter call us today at (614) 886-2366 .

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