Commercial Roofing Service

Commercial Roofing Service | Comprehensive roofing for Central Ohio businesses

Magnus Construction is proud to offer commercial roofing services in Columbus, Ohio. Based in Galena, and serving areas like Dublin, Delaware, Westerville, and more, our Central Ohio commercial roofing services are competitively priced while offering some of the highest quality roofing products, installation and support.

Benefits of working with Magnus Construction’s Central Ohio roofing contractors

Magnus Construction built its brand on honesty, integrity, and quality. As a certified applicant of Gaco Western, we offer the most advanced new roofing materials coupled with our professionalism and efficiency to ensure you are satisfied with your roof.

We provide several commercial roofing services in Central Ohio, including:

  • Commercial Roof Installation – We install roofs on commercial properties of all sizes and designs. Our knowledge of construction ensures that your roof is installed correctly and with the utmost care to the rest of the building.
  • Commercial Roof Repair – If weather or damage has affected your current roof, our team will handle all of the repairs, while maintaining the look of your property.
  • Commercial Roof Replacement – Over time, every roof can degrade or become damaged. Our roofing team will replace the roof quickly and efficiently at some of the most affordable costs in Ohio commercial roofing.
  • Commercial Roof Maintenance – Studies have shown that the best way to avoid expensive roofing repair is to commit early and often to commercial roof maintenance, which has the potential to save you thousands of dollars by decreasing the costs of more severe roofing repair.
  • Flat Roofing Contractor – Flat roofing is one of the most popular styles of roofing in commercial properties. They are more cost efficient, which is important for companies and contractors that are looking to save money on their build.
  • Metal Roofing Contractor – Metal roofing is primarily chosen for its durability, as each property installed roof can have a lifespan of as much as 3x the life of traditional asphalt roofing. It is also resistant to fire, and are known to reduce cooling costs due to their ability to reflect heat.

Every property needs a roof that can handle the weather and improve the look of the building. Our construction team is happy to provide these roofing services to your business at a competitive rate.

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