Commercial Roof Repair in Columbus, Ohio

Even the best roofs can experience damage. At Magnus Construction, we know how problematic it can be to struggle with commercial roof damage. Not only can the repairs be expensive – a damaged roof may also cause property loss, and may affect the comfort and safety of your customers and employees.

Magnus Construction provides affordable commercial roof repair in Columbus, OH. We take all of the necessary steps to ensure that the roof of your commercial property is repaired quickly and efficiently. Our team handles all aspects of experienced roofing repair, including:

  • Commercial Roof Inspection and Analysis – We will send a trained technician to your property to examine the roof thoroughly and determine all of the areas that need repair.
  • Detailed Written Assessments – We will complete a detailed written report of our findings, complete with an affordable quote with details about the exact nature of the damage.
  • Insurance Reporting – We will also provide you with a report that can help you collect on your insurance. We will make sure that all of the damage is accounted for so that you can receive a fair payout.
  • Rapid and Thorough Commercial Roof Repair – We have many affordable commercial roof repair service options for Columbus businesses and property owners, and will complete the project as quickly as possible to prevent any further loss.

We treat every roof as if it is our own, while also providing the professional, cost efficient service you expect from a commercial roofing company. We offer many different repair options as well, from roof sealants to roof coatings that allow you to keep your roof functioning for longer without a roof replacement.

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As a leading commercial roofing contractor in Columbus, Ohio, our team is ready to assess and fix any roof problems you may have. In the event of severe damage, we also have replacement options available. If you believe you are struggling with roof damage – whether it is a small leak or something more severe – please click here or call us at (614) 886-2366 for your free roofing quote.

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